Katya Whitaker

I joined ItWorks! in December 2014 as another MLM journery was ending for me and honestly I didn't intend to start another one at all, I was going to cut back on my activities.  But I just happened to ask a friend who is a distributor about the products intending to possibly just use them to help me in my weight loss journey after the holidays, and when I tried that Greens on the Go sample that Sunday afternoon I was hooked!  I had such a natural, calm, refreshing lift of energy when I had been in a hangover-like fog and lack of energy all day.  Since then I have used: wraps, regular, ThermoFit and Fat Fighters so far.  I am such a fan of our natural, healthy products and I want to help you on your journey to a physically and perhaps also financially healthier you!! :)  Please contact me to discuss our products, address your questions, discuss our opportunity or learn more about how my journey has been so far!

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